Audio Clip Source

The audio clip was part of a special 5-hour Midnight Ravers show "MICHAEL JACKSON: HISTORY IN THE MUSIC, PT II", broadcast on WBAI on 4 Dec. 2009, 12 am-5 am.

In December 2010, Jack Doyle (jdoyle at author of the cited 7 July 2009 article "Michael & McCartney" 1980s-2009, linked to this website in the last reference of his article:
A former YouTube video (since taken down), “Michael Jackson …How He Came to Own The Beatles Songs,” included a Paul McCartney press conference in 1990 in which he discussed how Michael Jackson came to own the lion’s share of The Beatles’ Lennon & McCartney song catalog. That press conference was held during a Paul McCartney tour, April 14, 1990, at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miramar, Florida. See related audio clip and transcript of McCartney’s remarks at: MJJinfo.Blogspot.

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